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A&Co Energy:




A&Co Energy’s multi-purpose LED lamp is a cost-effective portable LED lamp that was engineered by students at the University of Pennsylvania to help students and professionals in rural areas in Ghana who do not have a source of light. A&Co has partnered with schools and clinics in Ghana to supply cheaper and multi-purpose LED lamps to address the lightening in the country. The goal of A&Co Energy is to manufacture and produce cheaper alternative clean energy in Ghana. The project is mentored by distinguished personalities from the Kleiner Center for Energy Policy, and the Philadelphia Energy Authority.




What makes A&Co lamps different:


  1. The lamp has a multi-purpose functionality

  2. The lamp is engineered to provide consistent lightening for additional days after the battery runs out; giving the user ample time to get batteries

  3. The LED lamp is engineered to protect the eyes of the user

  4. User can adjust the brightness of the lamp to save battery life.

  5. The lamp is portable



A&Co. Flood Alert System:


A&Co. apply complex models to open source data to address the flooding issues across Ghana. Our team consist of experienced data scientists, spatial analysts, city planners and software engineers. The project is advised by distinguished professors from PennDesign and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.



How A&Co. Flood Alert System works:


  1. Accept the device prompt to geolocate you.

  2. Find the current temperature and future rainfall pattern in your region.

  3. Find the chance of flooding in the selected area.

  4. Sign up to receive and share weather related information with friends and family.


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