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Currently, more than five million Ghanaians live without access to electricity in both rural and urban areas. In the past decade, Ghana lose about $2.2 million daily and up to $924 million a year in terms of declined productivity and economic growth due to the energy crisis. The schedule of 12 hours of power supply and 24 hours of darkness has not only affected industrial productivity but also student’s performance in educational institutions.

Consequently, this inspired a team at University of Pennsylvania which is led by Anthony Ayebiahwe from Ghana to establish A&Co, an energy technology firm that is developing ground-breaking technologies for flood prediction and sustainable energy in Ghana. So far, A& Co has developed an affordable LED-rechargeable battery lamp, and a flood alert system for the over 22million Ghanaians whose lives are at the peril of the country’s unreliable hydroelectric power and tragic incessant flood-related deaths. The goal of A&Co is to manufacture cheaper alternative solar panels in Ghana and across Africa to solve the energy crisis across the continent. A&Co invites you to join them.

Our founder, Anthony Ayebiahwe grew up in Elmina, a coastal community in Ghana. Growing up, his family could not afford to get electricity, so he found himself studying with candles and kerosene lantern. The best situation for him was to study at the back of his neighbor’s house who had light. Our founder’s hard work paid off when he got a full-tuition scholarship to study in the United States.

With his commitment to address the lightening issue in his community, Anthony and his team at the University of Pennsylvania have develop an affordable multi-purpose LED-rechargeable battery lamp for students in his community. However, since there is unreliable hydroelectric power in the country, Anthony and his team expanded their service to meet the demand of over 22million Ghanaians. The goal of Anthony and his team is to manufacture cheaper alternative solar panels in Ghana to solve the energy crisis across the country.

Finally, with the current tragic incessant flood-related deaths in Ghana, Anthony and his team used their Spring break to develop a flood alert application to warn Ghanaians of areas prone to flooding whenever it rains.


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